Visa and Work Permit

Whether or not you must apply for a visa/work permit, and which visa will be required, depends both on your nationality and on the purpose of your stay. Through our partnering company with many years of experience, we can assist you complete the necessary documentation and apply for visa/work permit on your employee’s behalf.

Visa and Work Permit

Applying for visas is a time consuming and complicated process. Ensuring your assignees have the correct type of visa and work permit prior to arrival in the host country will avoid costly delays to your business. It is always advisable to get everything right from start. We can counsel on the steps which enable you to obtain the appropriate Visa to enter the host country and subsequently, a Work Permit that will allow starting work performance in accordance with the local regulations. A lot of questions need your immediate attention.

What kind of work permit will be required?

What are the requirements for a work permit?

How can a valid work permit be obtained?

Could the employee stay on a business visa while applying?

Could the assignee’s family stay in the country while the work permit application is processed?

What actions will be required from the assignee

Who will assist me in processing my papers?

What documents do I need to submit?

What are the requirements for my spouse to be able to reside with me in the host country?

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