Should you wish that international mobility (Global mobility) was easier?

Swairi is a comprehensive system that gives you a full overview and helps you to look after the interests of both employers and employees. All information collected in one place makes deployment easier.

With a self-developed cloud-based Global mobility system and with extensive experience from working with secondment of employees, we want to help companies make secondments easier.

This is how we help you

Own Global Mobility system

Our cloud-based solution, Swairi, removes the need for excel sheets, e-mail communication and quantities of loose documents. Here you can easily communicate with employees and other contact persons directly via our app. We tailor the solution to your needs.

Consulting and Training

We assist your company both in the planning phase, during the stationing stay and at the end of the stationing case. We present possible challenges you will face when seconding an employee. Together we identify work tasks, and agree on how these can be solved for each individual case.

Project management - Outsourcing

We carry out practical tasks related to
secondments and ensure that identified tasks are taken care of both in Norway and abroad. You can safely outsource the entire process to us

About Swairi

Swairi is a complete service partner for employers who are going to send employees with their families to secondment in another country. Our Employee mobility system is based on cloud technology and adapted to the B2B market. The system enables the employer to manage secondments in a cost-effective and secure manner. We have extensive experience in Global Mobility with experience from, among others, DNV, Hydro, Telenor, Yara and many others.

ISO certified

Swairi as is certified with ISO9001 and ISO27001. The certification recognizes Swairi as as an efficient and qualified system supplier that takes the necessary precautions to secure user data

Are you a private person who will be posted?

Here you can make calculations and see some of
the information you and your employer
must have an overview of before you are posted.

Feel free to contact us for one demo of our cloud-based solution or for offers on our services.

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