1. Consulting

Managing foreign employees and preparing compensation packages is an important HR function for any organization. Total costs for an expatriate can be much higher than the cost of a local employee, but these can be kept under control with careful attention to the design and delivery of compensation and benefits schemes. We work with their internal resources to find favorable solutions.

Furthermore, the duty to comply with the tax and social security legislation in the respective country of employment requires good planning and careful follow-up throughout the posting period. Our aim with this program is to introduce the fundamental challenges of any expatriation, as well as to identify whether your company needs our extended services to manage their international work assignments.

2. Training and support

Our training program can be set up as workshops with the key decision makers in your company to identify the tasks and agree on the steps to be taken when seconding employees. Workshops will be designed to discuss the processes and procedures in your cases and allow you to decide on further action.

We prepare models for compensation and benefits for various types of placements. We will go through the following elements during a workshop;

– Preparations before posting, including immigration and tax and social security planning

– Draw up an employment contract for the secondment

– Calculate total costs for stationing with different tax rules

– Cost-effective ways of handling social security, insurance and pension schemes during the secondment

– Possible consequences for families who join the seconded employee and ways to deal with those challenges

– Reporting obligations towards the authorities in the countries involved

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