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We provide the practical assistance to make sure that the steps that are identified in the workshop session are taken care of in both home and host countries. You will save time and money by outsourcing the mobility process to us. Our services will include;

Together with your human resources managers we will assist you to develop or redefine your company’s global employee mobility guidelines to suit the market you are operating in. Our management tool SWAIRI will help your company to design the guidelines in accordance with your needs.

In every international transfer situation, there is a need for preparing an additional Assignment agreement on top of the employment contract already in place between the employee and the company. By using your company’s policy and guidelines, we will develop assignment contracts and other templates in SWAIRI that your Global Mobility team could be able to use to prepare the documents as and when needed.

SWAIRI Tax calculation tool allows you to calculate hypothetical taxes and social security from the Gross compensation to arrive at a Net compensation package. We will add new countries for tax calculations based on your needs. Try out some calculations and see how you can build the Assignment package for various scenarios.

Payroll data can easily be imported monthly, and the assignment costs accumulated so that the Year-End reporting process in different countries would be easy and effective. If your company is required by law in certain countries to operate a split-pay of compensation, SWAIRI is built with the functionalities to adopt to the requirements.

Assignment costs, in addition to the compensation package, can become a big portion of the Total assignment cost due to many benefits in kind provided to the Assignees. Capturing and handling the various costs on timely basis and allocate the costs to appropriate cost centres within the company is an important task for any Global mobility team. SWAIRI build in the processes for companies to have a good financial flow and correct cost tracking.

Reporting assignees’ income and benefits to the correct authority in correct time is a relevant function for companies having their employees on international assignments. Preparing and submitting income tax return in more than one country for each income year is an essential part of International Assignment management workflow. SWAIRI facilitates correct reporting in accordance with the individual country requirements. In many countries the fiscal year is a calendar year. However, in some countries the reporting involves two calendar year for a fiscal year. SWAIRI will help companies to correctly allocate the income & assignment.

Before starting the visa application process, SWAIRI will give you the visa types available in each country so that your company can assess the need for the appropriate visa for your assignee and the accompanying family members. If an external service provider is chosen for the job, your company can allow your preferred provider to have limited access to relevant information in SWAIRI.

Get your best possible option for social security coverage for each international assignment in SWAIRI social security module. SWAIRI provides the basic information and the guidelines to select the appropriate and cost-effective solution for each country combination. SWAIRI provides the information on social security treaties between selected countries so that the user can make the initial assessment and the cost projection based on the possible scenarios.

Each international assignment needs a close follow-up and coordination between all involved stakeholders to give the management the best possible overview at any time. SWAIRI Dashboard provides the necessary reports and charts for management to see the assignment population and the assignment costs distributed per country/company. We can assist companies with tailor-made reports and charts in accordance with company policy and pre-defined requirements.

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