Employee mobility solutions based on cloud technology supported by international mobility expertise and consultancy tailored for the B2B market!

Our mission statement is to be a full fledge service partner for clients who need to send employees and their families to work and live in another country. We deliver technology and services that enable the employer to administrate and manage cross country employment in the most cost efficient and secure way.

Company goals and objectives

SWAIRI has ambitions to be leading employee mobility solution. The SWAIRI platform will help our clients manoeuvre the complexity that goes along cross-country employment as well as enable significant savings on time spent.

The functionalities will make SWAIRI a complete provider of core services needed to manage employees and their accompanying family live and work in another country.

To whom will we market our products?

Our clients will basically be companies of any size operating in a global market who plan to send their employees and their families to live and work abroad. The tool is also addressing the needs companies have with reporting the business travellers around the world.

Business philosophy

We aim to be the provider of employee mobility solutions and the preferred strategic partner to our corporate clients by offering the services through most updated technologies. We offer the most professional workflow management tool and focus on developing dedicated employees that deliver service according to expectations.

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Address: Storgata 7, 2000 Lillestrøm
Organization number: 917 847 320

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